The planets in our solar system move in an orderly fashion, each with their own rate of motion. They follow a course around the Sun, and as they move, they create various geometric angles with each other. Understanding where they are and where they are going is the science of Astrology. Interpreting the meaning of these angles is the art. With the miracle of today's computer technology, science and art meet, and together provide a very accurate way to learn more about yourself, your relationships, and the astrological influences that affect your life at any given time.

We at Cardinal Star Systems have been collecting many astrologers' celestial interpretations for years, and we are proud to offer you magnificent reports from them.

For questions regarding any of these reports, or ordering information, contact Audrey in our office. She's here Wednesday through Friday between 10:00 am–3:00 pm, PDT. We will attempt to process all Internet orders within 24 hours and printed booklets will be sent within five business days. There are three major companies that carry a variety of interpretation software that we just love.

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